Real Estate Investment

Looking to Invest in Real Estate?

Our entity offers unique partnerships and joint ventures with individuals and entities looking to invest, partner and/or own various forms of real estate. We specialize in specific market niches within the New York and West Coast Florida markets and have over 30 years of experience. We seek to achieve above market returns while minimizing risk factors and growing equity.  Our partnerships and joint ventures include investments in:

  • Income producing rental properties (single family, multi family and apartments)
  • Fix and flips on one to four family residences
  • Hard Money Lending on mixed use, residential and small commercial deals
  • Non-perfroming mortgage debt

We work with private individuals, business owners, investors and entities who want to diversify there portfolio and/or seek to hold a part of their own wealth in some form of real estate AND wish to have direct ownership in the asset, as opposed to investing in REITS and other real estate market securities.

Our entity offers the unique combination of not only bringing high quality real estate related assets to the table but we source deals at substantial discounts, serve as asset managers, property managers and portfolio managers. We offer the ability for individuals or entities to be invested in specific real state transactions and as your partner we handle most every aspect of the day to day management. Most importantly in any joint venture or partnership we provide a very transparent structure that provides our partners with the majority share of ownership, control and security to insure they are as protected as possible in each venture.

Give us a call today if your an accredited investor, business owner, an entity or an individual* seeking above average returns in real estate. Partner with us and our 30 years of success in real estate today.

We can be reached at (516) 486-5250 or you can complete our form.

*  Individual seeking to partner or create joint ventures relationships must have a minimum of $150,000 in liquid assets available.