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Are you Looking to Acquire Non-Performing Mortgage Debt

Our entity sells non-performing mortgage debt to private equity firms, investors, and businesses in the secondary mortgage markets. We specialize in selling later stage debt that has already gone through the vast majority of the legal system and is at or nearing Judgment of foreclosure. We deal with a wide array of investors and sell packages of varying sizes as well as “one off” assets. If you are an investor in the secondary mortgage markets and would like to know more about the current assets we have on the market please complete our information form.

The majority of our mortgages are NPN notes located in NY within the counties of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Nassau, and Suffolk. We also currently have a few assets for sale in MD, PA and NC. All of our loans are litigated files in which we have successfully managed the process and moved these thru the system and they are nearing the end of the foreclosure process. In many cases the borrowers have already exhausted their options and the exit timelines are predictable.

Please be aware when making an offer on any asset that all of our loans are sold “AS IS WHERE IS” and are subject to no adjustments including but not limited to open tax arrears, violations and fines. Once a qualified business or qualified investor has demonstrated interest and shown proof of funds they are provided with a comprehensive list that outlines each asset and includes total indebtedness, UPB, date of default, original interest rate, default rate, current AS IS value and open tax arrears.

Interested parties click here to provide us your information – upon receipt of all necessary information we will forward you our current NPN list.


For questions prior to filling out our form you may contact us directly at 516-486-5250

Are you Looking to Sell Non-Performing Notes / Mortgages or REO’s

Our entity acquires non-performing FIRST mortgage debt from banks and  investors that are selling in the secondary mortgage markets. We specialize acquiring single family, multi-unit and mixed use mortgages located in NY within the counties of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Nassau, and Suffolk. We acquire debt that is already in default, the default notice has been served and the file has a clean chain of assignments with all original paperwork in tact. We do not acquire incomplete or “dented” files. Institution and brokers seeking to contact us about our interest in any given asset should contact Scott Kiley at (516) 486-5250.